Cloudstreet Consulting enables your field service workers to be more mobile.In 2019 we launched Konect for NT Government where field service workers are using real time intelligence to service roads, public housing and inspect the natural environment.With the vastness of the NT, Cloudstreet Konect brings the world to your mobile device, whilst the head office has full visibility of field service crews.

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It’s crazy think people can spend over 4 hours a day commuting from Gold Coast to Brisbane for work, yet most of our I.T. contractors enjoy just a 5 minute commute in Darwin.   We recruit the best of breed Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Developers, Database Administrators, Report Analysts, Tech Writers and more, who enjoy Darwin’s rich and easy going lifestyle.  Our profound knowledge and understanding of Darwin comes handy when attracting potential talent, both domestically and internationally.  We also engage in community support and have maintained relationships with local businesses for more than 20 years.

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Did you know Cloudstreet has an advanced specialisation in Data Analytics, Power BI, Powerapps, Robotic Process Automation, MYOB, Microsoft Azure, and AWS Services ? With your Data and our local expertise we will transform your business, engage your customers, empower your employees and optimise your operations. Check our Events Calendar for our next local meetup and training catalogue.  Cloudstreet are the leading local NT Power Platform Specialists with a proven track recording in getting Power Platform solutions up and running in no time.

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We are a stones throw away, centrally located in Manton Street, in Darwin CBD. Got Data ? Need Technical People ? Does supercharging your Mobile Field Service get you really excited about tech ? It does for us too. We understand data strategy that underpins capacity and data literacy for all our NT clients.

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